Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking as a creative approach

Design Thinking inherently is a creative process, where everyone has the ability to contribute as many ideas as necessary, without discarding or judging the quality of the ideas, creating a safe environment by maximizing the input and participation of the team members.

In the ideation and prototyping phases, the use of any tool that optimizes the creativity of the participants is promoted, where in these sessions all designers generate solutions of all kinds, basic or complex, obvious or complex.

  • Design Thinking with a focus on the user

Baeck & Gremett (2011), point out that Design Thinking is a creative and user-centered approach to problem solving than traditional design methods.

Design Thinking has a very important role to play on user needs or customer needs (as long as they are the end user).

We have already mentioned that Design Thinking allows entry also to all non-designers. Design Thinking methodology is considered a way to apply design methodologies to any life situation.

We can use it to explore and define any kind of problem, taking the design approach to any paradigm, since what we have to shape are the methods and our own empathy to cover the problem according to the users' needs.

The only thing we have to keep in mind are the relationships:

  • Empathy → Context of the problem.
  • Creativity → Generation of ideas and solutions
  • Rationality and Feedback → Adjust solutions.
  • Metrics Met → Need Met / Revenue Generation