UX Unicorn

A UX unicorn typically refers to a UX designer who is proficient in both design and frontend development.

In the world of tech start-ups, the word “unicorn” refers to someone who possesses not only the usual set of skills required for a role but also additional skills in another domain.

UX unicorns are extremely rare—only people talented enough to do real frontend work are considered proper UX unicorns.

Role responsibilities include

  • All tasks mentioned under “UX designer” above
  • Develop live frontend prototypes, which you can use to test on users for more realistic results; and
  • Implement the frontend code of a design

Also known as

UX Engineer

This role is good for someone who

Has a strong passion for and deep knowledge of frontend development, you might find this role a viable option.

To succeed in this role, you must be comfortable coding HTML, CSS + JavaScript.