UX Researcher

UX researchers take part in the first phases of the design process. They empathize with users to gain a holistic understanding of their needs and help define the problems that the product should solve. UX researchers also take part in the testing phase and help validate and improve designs.

They use qualitative and quantitative user research methods to provide real user information through generative and evaluative research.

Generative research means field research to generate "insights for framing problems in new ways" and evaluative research means testing the "efficacy of designed solutions, through observing use and seeing where people have problems".

Role responsibilities include

  • Plan and conduct user research, interviews, and product testing
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Analyze & use data to move the business forward
  • Create surveys/questionnaires, user personas and user journey maps.

Also known as

User Researchers


Usability Researcher

This role is good for someone who

Has background knowledge in Psychology, Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology), Architecture, Design (Graphic, Product, Style).This is someone who has good communication and empathy to deal with users and genuine curiosity.

To succeed in this role, one must:

  • Have a strong passion in human psychology and the study of people;
  • Enjoy interviewing people and stepping into the shoes of others to empathize with them and piece together a rich and deep picture of their perspectives and problems;
  • Love generating and analyzing complex qualitative and quantitative data.