UI Designer

UI Designers focus on the later phases of the design process, and in particular the prototype phase. They are masters of visual language when it comes to human-computer interaction (HCI).

UI Designers focus their work in designing visually attractive and functional interfaces, and how different UI components look and interact.

They need to understand technical limitations, the user and use cases to be able to deliver their work. Also, a strong understanding of system design and common UI patterns that exist.

Role responsibilities include

  • Transform UX goals into a set of beautiful, easy-to-use and accessible designs, such as a set of app screens
  • Create prototypes in all fidelity levels
  • Use fundamental principles of visual design (like contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity) to de-clutter user interfaces
  • Use your knowledge of typography, color theory, use of imagery, Gestalt principles and other design concepts to create pleasant graphical user interfaces.
  • Create and/or maintain a library of icons, grids, colors and fonts that will be used throughout the product
  • Apply branding guidelines into your designs in a way that serves both the brand and your users
  • build prototypes to test their initial ideas, before moving to final interface versions.

Also known as

Visual Designers

Digital Designer

This role is great for someone who

Has background knowledge in Design (Graphic, Product, Style), Visual Arts, Architecture, Photography. This is someone who has good communication, creativity and empathy skills.

To succeed in this role, one must :

  • Love working on creating visual, pixel-perfect mock-ups of a product
  • Have a deep knowledge of and/or passion for typography, color, use of space and other graphic design concepts
  • Are great at applying consistent, meaningful and pleasing visuals across a wide range of user flows and contexts