Service Designer

They design the end-to-end journey of a service. This helps a user complete their goal and a business deliver a thoughtful service. Service Designers are involved in the creation and organisation of the content across both digital and offline channels.

Role responsibilities include

  • Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis
  • Gather and refine business, customer, and partner constraints into digestible components for the design team.
  • Ability to translate company goals and objectives into digital and offline experiences
  • Create user stories, personas, user scenarios, user journey maps and storyboards
  • Plan and execute co-creation workshops with stakeholders in order to propose the most viable solution for a given problem.
  • Use the available resources to prototype services in order to validate ideas and iterate on it.
  • Design the Service Blueprint and prepare it to be presented and delivered to the client.

This role is good for Someone who

Has background knowledge in Management, Design (Graphic, Product, Style), Business. This is someone who has good communication, collaboration and empathy skills to deal with users and stakeholders, and project management skills to plan and schedule experience work.

To succeed in this role, one must :

  • Passionate about growing people-first services. From value proposition to brand to customer experience to scale, you thrive in putting all of the pieces together.
  • Have ideas about how to maintain the integrity of a product across distances and the best channels to communicate something new to an audience - think agents, third party businesses and franchise models.
  • Approach things systemically and are a natural at zooming out to see the big picture, then diving in to nail the important details.
  • Easily communicate and envision service concepts and ideas to team members, partners, and funders.
  • Use a diverse set of methods & tools that illustrate all the components and touch-points of the service.
  • Crafting a project vision, execution strategy and client relationship
  • Concepting, ideation, and iterative prototyping