The Information Flood

With so much information and the tasks that flow from it, we can end up focussed on the urgent tasks, and neglect the important ones, and set aside lots of little ones that continue to capture our attention.


  • When an idea or a task pops into your head, where is it captured?
  • Where do you take notes from events like this?
Where are the 'inboxes' in YOUR life?
  • Where do you leave the paper that arrived in the mail . . .
  • the business cards you got given while at the party the other night,
  • the notes you made while on that phone call on Saturday
  • the manual that came with the food processor you just bought


Do these things have a place

  • Or do they end up on the . . .
    • Kitchen bench
    • Top of the TV cabinet
    • Desk
    • Filing cabinet
    • Drawer in the beside cabinet
    • Car
  • And what about the physical things.
    • like the batteries you bought 10 of, but only needed 2 for the wall clock
    • or the seeds that you're not going to plant until late summer
    • or the old headphones that still work, but have been replaced by some better ones


  • Make a few 'inboxes' (digital and physical) where things go, until you process them and put them in their right place.