James Samuel
James Samuel

James Samuel

Email - jmsinnz@gmail.com

Phone - 021 252 0653

Introduction to the day

  • The day is designed so we spend the morning setting the scene, for where we are in evolutionary terms, with a solid focus on the fundamentals, and how to get more of the right things done.
  • In the afternoon, we'll have 2, two-hour blocks of time to look some of the tools that can assist good habits and further increase your edge.

A little about me

Before we begin, let me tell you - change is my middle name, I'm a conditional optimist with a bunch of projects under my belt.
  • I've always embraced change (including technology), and have learnt a few things, and am a pragmatic technologist - I'm a projects guy looking to get things done.
  • I'm a conditional optimist who believes we can build a better, more fair and equitable world, one where people flourish in vibrant communities, where resources are used wisely and nature is tended to and supports us with her healthy abundance.
  • This has got me putting my hand up for all sorts of interesting projects.
1985 - 32 years ago - technology and furniture business
  • Long before email had become a thing, a global community I was part of, had figured out how to use the internet to reduce Telecoms massive monthly phone bills, for our international calls. We'd found a service called MCI mail and with a modem connected to the phone jack, we could send and receive messages via the early internet.
  • It was around then that I got my first computer, a DOS command-line driven PC with a 20Mb hard drive - about enough to store seven pictures taken on today's smart phone. I had a furniture business at the time and went about creating all kinds of helpful time saving tools - like the one that could divide the team's wage packet dollar totals into $20 notes ...
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  • Then I got a Mac, and my life changed. A whole new smorgasboard of clever apps was suddenly at my fingertips!
  • I quickly replicated all that had taken me a year to create, in just two weeks, and a whole lot more! While I've since used Windows, and Ubuntu, I keep bouncing back to the Mac – don't worry, because what I'll be showing you are, are available on any operating system that can browse the web (and I'll let you know when that's not the case).
12 years later in 1997, I was running a small NZ office for an Australian tech business.
  • By then I had my own email address and was comfortable browsing the internet. It was at this time that I saw others in my office experiment with early video conferencing (6 years before Skype v1.0 came online in 2003) I could see the future unfolding before my eyes.
Then in early 2003 when I partnered up with a one-man-band plumber on Waiheke.
  • We worked well together and quickly expanded the business. I became the office guy and was able to apply all my ideas about productivity.
  • In the first month we made two agreements with each other.
  1. We would check in each week - "Are we still having fun?"
  2. We would work four day weeks.
    • Wayne would take Fridays off to be with his daughter and I would take Monday's off
  • From the start I started to digitise our information flows, and in the end had developed software to handle all of the key tasks of the business, and was even able to sell it to other plumbers a few years later. One of them still uses it 10 years down the line.
Since then my primary focus has been building community resilience, with a focus on building strong local food economies.

Transition Towns


Food Forest NZ

Beyond Organic NZ Tour

Six Figure Farming NZ Tour

I continue to dig around, to find what the current trends are, where we are going and the opportunities that are on the horizon.
  • Sometimes I find new tools I can use to get a step up, and sometimes I notice things that are having a larger impact across society.
  • Attending events like the Singularity University Summit in Christchurch late last year, and New Frontiers in February this year feed my curiosity.
My goal is to have you to walk out of here with some:
  • ahaaa moments, some
  • OMG moments, and some
  • I can do that - moments

Then I will have done my job!

So let's get started . . .