Humans are about improving things - doing things better - it's why you're here.

Why hacking

  • Humans are about improving things, though sometimes we focus on the wrong things (money only, expansion only, growth only)
  • But once you know what you want to achieve, then productivity hacking is about the artful things to get you where you want to be, and getting more done in less time.
  • For the purpose of this workshop I'm going to assume you are clear about what you are wanting to achieve, then you will use what works and discard the rest.
  • But don't underestimate the need to really give things a go, because the neural connections in your brain have to build new pathways.

Different types of hacking

Medical hacking, food hacking, sleep hacking, brain hacking, neural hacking (food and plant medicine to help the brain) All ways to bring the body into peak performance.




Productivity Hacking

Times have changed and many of us are now, what is called knowledge workers: people who don't move physical things, but rather we move zeros and ones across screens.

  • Embracing the digital world in order to be more productive, while keeping your sanity. Because while being productive might get a lot done, it needs to meet your goals and give you quality of life.
  • This is about getting the best out of the tech you use and finding new ways of developing a healthy relationship to tech and digital information.
  • Sometimes hacking will involve getting different tools to talk nicely to one another, or better use of the tools you already have. At other times it's about good processes, that will give you the edge.
  • And everyone's context is different. The tools you are already using, the nature of your work/life, your goals, how much collaboration is needed within the work environment, and with others outside your work environment.
  • So don't look for a one size fits all solution, you're going to have to hack your way to a productive life, however you define that for yourself.
  • For you business owners. How do you lead this kind of change? Ultimately it's by example - your habits and skills. So what's your next level? How and what impact do you imagine it can have on your team?

But don't forget the foundations . . .