Business Analysis

I will always start it doing stakeholder interviews.

1. Define Business Objective

This sets the stage for defining scope. The business objective answers which problems the client wants to solve and which resources are available.

  • Create a shared understanding of the business objectives.
  • Address conflicting expectations in the business community.
  • Ensure the business objectives are clear and provide the team with momentum and context

2. Define Scope

The Scope is not an implementation plan. The Scope establishes which steps are necessary during the Business Analysis.

A clear and complete statement of scope provides your team with the guidelines to successfully meet the business needs.

  • Work with business and technology stakeholders in order to establish Scope
  • Determine and document the technology and business process
  • Identify which stakeholders will be involved in validating each deliverable
  • Identify due dates
  • Sign off on the budget proposed

3. Define Project Requirements

Project requirements provide your implementation team with the information they need to implement the solution.

  • Gather the necessary information to understand what is required for a specific feature or process
  • Analyze the information you’ve discovered and use that information to create the first draft of the Project Requirements
  • Request business and technology stakeholders approval for the proposed Project Requirements
  • Highlight the project’s critical path, reduce ambiguity, reduce complexity, and prioritize quick wins.