press esc(ape)

I came up with this name for this digital publication focused in art, because my ordinary job between 9-5 (in my case to 6). Every computer has an esc key, supposed to make you escape from this ordinary world and create an inspiring art.

One book that inspired me was An Artful Life by John P. Well. 

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their songs still in them

–Henry David Thoreau

You, dear artist, are one of the blessed. You have the outcome of most men. You are blessed to know what your “song” is, and you are blessed to have the opportunity to let it out, in vibrant color, into this world, here and now. God has bestowed upon you the incredible gift to create art. And that gift affords you the opportunity to truly Live with a capital L. Because art improves the world, you have the privilege… and the responsibility to utilize your God-given gift. That includes both the responsibility to create your art, thus making your life better, as well as the responsibility to share your art with all of us, thus making our lives better.

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